APDP, BIX Health and Evolute held a Diabetes screening session and Demonstration of a Tele-Health solution on Saturday, October 1st 2016, at 10 am in Jardim da Estrela, Lisbon, during the Day of the Elderly, and under the LisBoa Idade Festival, one of the Lisbon city Council's initiatives linked to active, healthy and happy life in this city. 45 citizens of all ages, with a special focus on our elderly population were able to screen for diabetes followed by the clinical protocol of APDP, which included the collection of the person's Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar levels, whose data was sent automatically and in real time through the BIX HealthCloud platform, and to the Evolute electronic Health record system, used by APDP, as well as to the Windows 10 Yuman app for developed by BIX Health.

In these following images we can see a partial listing of Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure measurements, made during the screening