The BIX CITIZEN - Cruz de Malta partnership and its "Geriatric Active Life Management" project, which has the support of the Yellow Heart Association, were formally presented on November 17th, on the occasion of the reception ceremony of Senhor D. Manuel Linda, Military Bishop, as National Chaplain of Cruz de Malta. This ceremony took place at the national headquarters of Cruz de Malta, in Largo do Leão in Lisbon. Cross of Malta's Chairman, João Alvelos, made an intervention where he framed the past of this humanitarian aid institution, since its foundation in 1918 by Military and Knights of the Order of Malta in response to the Spanish Flu pandemic, and afterwards, presented Cruz de Malta's social intervention activities in the present, and prospecting future projects. Particular emphasis was given to the "Geriatric Active Life Management" initiative, among other projects already underway.

About the Cruz de Malta "Geriatric Active Life Management" project.

This project aims to create a remote home support system for elderly citizens living alone in Lisbon, with the collaboration of undergraduate Nursing students of Universidade Católica, in their role of caretakers, with technological support from BIX CITIZEN. Each elderly person who joins the program, with their informed consent, receives a band that collects vital signs. This device measures heart rate, skin temperature, the elderly's movements, detects falls and also counts how many steps the elderly takes on a day-to-day basis, as well as an alarm button. A tablet with a very simple and natural interface is also provided, allowing access to videoconferencing. With the telehealth technology of BIX CITIZEN, the caregiver can visualize the active life status of each remote eldery citizen, and be alerted to situations that may be a for cause alarm, whether caused by the elderly button press or the automatic analysis of the vital signs of this citizen. This also allows the caretaker to complement home visits, with virtual "visits" via videoconference.