BIX Citizen was at the "Diabetes Celebration - 90 years of APDP", organized by the Association of Diabetics of Portugal (APDP) on November 26, 2016, with the support of the Social Rights Department of the Lisbon City Council. With this event, APDP celebrated 90 years of existence and dedication to the cause of diabetes in Portugal. In this event, BIX CITIZEN's CEO was present with a demo of BIX's telehealth technological solution, especially designed for a population with diabetes, which, through the remote monitoring of these citizens and their connection to the caretaker teams at APDP and also to friends and family, helps manage this clinical condition, reducing rehospitalizations and urgency episodes. The event was attended by about 2000 visitors, many of them diabetics, and by personalities such as João Filipe Raposo (Clinical Director of APDP), Jorge Máximo (Sport Alderman of Lisbon City Council), João Afonso (Social Rights Alderman of Lisbon City Council), Luis Gardete Correia (President of APDP), Maria Antónia Almeida Santos (Vice-President of the Health Commission of the Assembly of the Republic), Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues (President of the Assembly of the Republic), Alexandra Fernando Dacosta (Writer, Journalist) and José Manuel Boavida (former APDP Clinical Director), among others. The event was an opportunity for BIX to demonstrate its solutions to a committed public, and to strengthen relations with national entities interested in the phenomenon of Diabetes, such as the Diabetics Association of Minho, Diabantejo - Diabetics Association of Alentejo, AJPD - Young Diabetics of Portugal Association, Diabetics Association of Serra da Estrela and also, with the Medical Device Industry (Menarini).