APDP – BIX – EVOLUTE collaboration presented in “Horizons on Diabetes” event

The Diabetes Mellitus Study Group of the Portuguese Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism Society (GEDM), held its Autumn meeting, entitled "Horizons on Diabetes", on October 8th 2016, at Hotel Dom Gonçalo in Fátima.

This meeting was attended by key players in the health community, like Dr. Henrique Martins, President of the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS), Dr. Cristina Valadas, Director of the National Diabetes Program, Prof. José Luis Medina, President of the Portuguese Society of Diabetology, Dr. Pedro Melo, Director of the Endocrinology Service of the Hospital Pedro Hispano, in Matosinhos and industry representatives (Abbott, Ascensia, Menarini), among others. In the event, Dr. Rogério Ribeiro, Lead Researcher of the APDP Education and Research Center (APDP-ERC) and researcher of in CEDOC-NMS - Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Lisbon, gave a highly acclaimed presentation entitled, "Mobile Health in the Therapeutical Education of Diabetes," which highlighted, among other projects, the APDP - BIX - EVOLUTE collaboration in the context of the innovative telehealth system for diabetes prevention and treatment, which is already in real-life pilot trial at APDP in Lisbon, Portugal.